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Raban Phil Brack And Outhouse#2 Possum Queen Sue Ledbetter

Visiting Tucson Arizona Shrine Center

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                                                                     Welcome to our new webpage !*****Over the next couple of months we will be under construction to be even better and easier to use!******Thank you for your support!******* Our next clan Fund raiser is May 17th , 2014 - Outhouse#2 - Annual Pig Roast!*******Next Main clan meeting May18th ,2014 - 1pm - Trappers**** 2014 Main Clan Gathering August 2nd - Circus Park 1pm!****Total Hillbillyclan55 donation to Shrine Hospitals and Shrine center transportation fund - $285,000.00 < <                                               

February 15th , 2014 Main Clan Valentines Day Party

A good time was had by all attending!

Please Attend Your Clan Events!

Remember it's for the kids sake!

Join Us Today ! We live in a world were kids are our future!

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