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                   ANNUAL MEETING

                  July  , 2016 - Circus Park


                                ALL OUTHOUSES Should Be Represented!       

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                                                                     Welcome to our webpage !*****Thank you for your support!******* Our next clan Fundraiser***Main Clan meetings - 7pm 1st monday of month- Dom Polski Hall - Linden Rd - Flint**** 2016 Main Clan Gathering of the clan - July,2016 - Circus Park - 1pm - Clio, Michigan***Next Outhouse2 Fundraiser - September 12th, 2015 - Annual Elemintation Drsawing - Click on outhouse2 and then click on flyer***Total Hillbillyclan55 donation to Shrine Hospitals and Shrine center transportation fund - $285,000.00 ><                                               

   Special Announcement

Main Clan Meetings Now At:

7pm - the First   Monday!

Dom Polski Hall

Flint. Michigan

The 2015 - 2016

International Hillbilly Queen

Tammy Harden

Hillbilly Clan#55

Congratulations From ALL of US

Of Hillbilly Clan#55!!!







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